Yahoo Messenger stopped notifying mail

I recently discovered that Yahoo has some server issues. About a week ago I stopped receiving e-mail notifications in Y Messenger.

At first everything was dead, then one day I received mail…but just that one day. Now it’s all screwy as it was before. So, solutions:

I tried installing yahoo toolbar but nothing worked because the notification process must be the same in every other app. But, I found a temporary solution:

Install this, a Firefox yahoo mail notifier add-on. It does not notify you that well, but it’s better than nothing. It’s utility: instead of clicking on a bookmark of your mail – that loads heavily – you can just single click an icon found in the low-right corner of your browser that will check if you received mail. You can also choose some other preferences, like notifying you about your mail once you open your browser. That actually works. Check it out!

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  • crap , cate mailuri necitite am , numai m-a anuntat messu de vreo 2 saptamani

  • Mda, la unii cica merge, la multi altii nu. N-am incercat sa-mi reinstalez messul insa am auzit ca nu rezolvi nimic daca o faci. O sa caut totusi o versiune mai veche sa vad daca e mai bine. Eu sunt multumit de notifier asta add-on si chiar ma mai anunta din cand in cand daca am primit ceva.

  • ^^Mie imi merge ma anunta tot timpl nu am avut problema asta….

  • Pe mine nu ma anunta absolut deloc. E o problema raspandita pe net, aparuta acum 2 sapt crd.

  • Cyanilla, te anunta cand primesti mail deci. Da-mi si mie o adresa de unde sa-l iau, vreau sa-l testez. Desi vad ca si add-on-ul asta imi functioneaza binisor si a cam inceput sa ma notifice cum trebuie.

  • si mie imi merge.
    dar oricum folosesc mult mai des GMAIL

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