::: Why did romanians booed Madonna?

Everybody must know by now that yesterday, Madonna was booed by romanians at a Bucharest concert from the Sticky & Sweet Tour. The problem appeared when Madonna tried to defend the gypsies. She wrongfully acussed us of acting discriminatory. Romanians knew their status better so they booed.

The real story about romanians and gypsies is different than other people might think. Romanians don’t discriminate. They have some issues, a lot of them, but not with foreigners. It’s a well known fact that romanians are very hospitable people, and that fact still stands. The problem is that they are to hospitable, and people take advantage of this weakness. The gypsies are one of those people. They steal, they do all sorts of crimes and they are indeed the no. 1 threat of Romania. This pain has been going on for years and yet no solution was found. People are angry, but scared. That’s why many don’t act, don’t defend themselves or they’re friends. That’s why, a lot of romanians want to impress some bad ass gypsies, so they can get „cooler” too, or so they won’t end up beaten. They are our true terrorists, this is what terrorism really means.

So, that’s why Madonna was booed. She gave a stupid speach. She was probably well intended, but she didn’t live here to see the true story. We are not the only ones, a lot of countries from Europe face this threat, at a lower level but still… In fact, we are confused with gypsies, seeing how many of them are coming to this country and we can’t do nothing about it, because we wouldn’t want to make the EU concerned now would we? It’s an absurd problem but it’s also a massive one. People are getting more angry and more crazy and it’s a shame, because those people were normal people, or students, or intellectuals. We are no longer trying to live a good life, we are trying to survive, and that is just wrong. Like I said, romanians are considered gypsies in many parts of the world, but some people get to see that romanians are indeed a different race of people.

I don’t know what you know about romanians, but if you’re donating shoes and pancakes to our country thinking that we are that poor, you are baddly mistaken. Romanians are very rich actually. Well, the romanian politicians are very rich, but they are also corrupt. That’s one of the problem of our society, and let’s face it, even the United States has the same problem. The difference is the size of the region, the economical power and so on. Obviosuly, nobody is perfect…or close to perfect for that matter.

Leaving that aside, the gypsie problem is a question of rationality, logic and society, not discrimination. Don’t be surprised if masses of people will act against gypsies. That won’t be an act of discrimination, but an act of self-defence and justice. Our gypsies are not like the gypsies that Johnny Depp likes. They are not free and loving and fun. They are filthy and fun in their own disgusting way. They sell their kids to be wed, they break they’re own children’s arms and legs so they can make money by sending them to beg on the streets. They are one of the worst people that you can meet.

They are also very ritch. Some live in golden villas. Real gold! They don’t pay taxes for that, nobody asks them about they’re money’s origin. Mostly because they can buy anybody. The romanian police are working hand in hand with them, the politicians get bought and invent some anti-discrimination issues so this bad gypsies have a good go, and others are getting threaten. The gypsies have a saying: „What? They hazn’t any kids or what?”. „Hazn’t” because they don’t really speak romanian that well. The purpouse of this sentence is that they are willing to harm anyone. But they are doing it discreet. They have ritches but a lot of them live in poorely made houses, so they can flee a lot. They’re masters at faking feelings, they’re always playing the victim, that’s why the media gets confused. They are very dangerous. Not all gypsies are like that, but most of them are.

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  • Incredible! this point of view of Rumania is new for me.

  • Anonymous

    Bai, retardatule. Da un search pe google images la romanians sa vezi ce tampit esti. Pe pagina 4 apari cu gunoaiele tale cu cruci. Sterge naibii poza cu ei. Ai un pic de bun simt.

  • joe

    Bai prostule, tu chiar ai merita sa ai un renume rau. Tu stii sa folosesti internetul asta? Ai mai intrat pe Google in viata ta? Pe langa asta, tu te uiti la descrierea pozei mele de aici si descrierea pozei de acolo? Nu sunt aceleasi. Nu e vina mea cand Google incurca borcanele. Plus ca cine p#la mea suntem noi sa fim mai cu motz? Ia scrie „americans”, „russians” si altii si uita-te pe prima pagina. Asa ca nu te mai kk pe tine, noi o ducem bine pe Google.

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