::: thank you and please

We learn that being polite is a must in a society, but what about that society that takes it’s customers for granted?

We are too polite, to fake, we give thanks to everybody when in fact we shouldn’t be that nice with a lot of people. It’s absurd to be polite to a rude person that could be a doctor, or a driver, who does something in return for our money. It’s like saying “thanks for giving me the product that I bought from you with my money, I’m so glad you did that”. It’s nice to be nice, but some people really take advantage of this and plays they’re own sick psychological games with you. They probably are angry, bored or poor, it doesn’t matter, they treat you like crap. We encourage this by being polite. One of Life’s secrets is Irony. We see irony in a lot of things in life, why not here? Everybody tells you to be polite, but where does that get us? Is that really the answer for a functional economy? Like I said, a lot of people that are being payed by you think that you’re not that important. You’ll find in various places that “the customer comes first” doesn’t apply. And it should. If you pick a job, pick it well. Sure, I understand that you have problems, probably mental ones too, but do you understand me that I want a fast service or something done in a decent way? These people should be thought a lesson about their role in the economy. In some cases the one that screws up is the employer, that “forgets” to properly train his workers. Thus, we have bad employees that we are being nice to? Not a good idea, huh?

So let’s be selective when we thank somebody, especially when that thanks refers to something that we have a right to receive.

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