Simple and Fast way to Update Samsung i9070 Android version

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Short version: 1. Download Odin software. 2. Download PDA and CSC file. 3. Shut down phone and then open it by pressing Volume Down, Home button and Power button at the same time. 4. Connect phone to Laptop or PC and install PDA and CSC file via Odin.

I’ve read a lot of information about this on the Internet. I’ve even spoken today with a Samsung representative to help me figure this out and it made no difference. I had no precise way of updating my phone. I combined various articles found on Google and came up with a simple solution to update my Samsung GT-I9070 phone (Samsung Galaxy S Advance) to a better Android version (from 2.3.6).

The Samsung Live Chat person told me that there’s no available Update for my phone. Great, thanks. Normally I should go to Settings – About Device – Software Update. With an active Internet connection I should receive Updates, but because the phone is a bit old, there’s no way of that happening. New models don’t have this problem. My other option, not recommended by Samsung for Warranty purposes, is to root my phone. Whatever. Here’s how you update your Android version:


Download Odin. I went with v 3.09 of Odin, for the 4.1.2 Android version.


Go to to download the required files for Update. You’ll need to create a free account. No problem here. Then you choose you phone from a list and choose a country. I went with Italy, because that’s where my phone came from. I think you can choose anything you want, but when you factory reset your phone (Volume Up, Home button and Power button), it will show you the original language. You can change that language.

You’ll need 2 things from sammobile for Odin: The PDA file and the CSC file. It will take a while for you to download it with a free account (they’re about 500mb in size in a ZIP file). Unzip these files and that’s it for now.


Start the Odin software. It’s like a translator between your phone and the update files. It’s very easy to use.

First of all, make sure you backup your files and contacts on your phone (I usually save my contacts on the sim card). Then shut down the phone. You need to turn it on in the Download Mode. You do this by pressing simultaneous the Volume Down button, the Home button and the Power button. Connect the phone to your Computer or Laptop and Odin will say „added” and show a blue light somewhere visible in the software.

You could start with the PDA file. Upload it in the „AP” section, Wait for it to be checked. After that you press „Start”. You will see in real time how the software is being uploaded to your phone. After it finishes it will show you a green „PASS” message. The phone will restart itself and there you go… You have an updated version of your Android!

I did the exact same thing with the CSC file.

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After all this time using an old Android version, I have a brand new phone! Android updates are like fixes to the software, making everything better (Wi-Fi connection, battery life…). I recommend newer versions of mobile phones but Samsung Galaxy S Advanced is a pretty good phone. I use it a lot for Blogging updates on Facebook, Photos (it has a great camera) and various apps like Endomondo. It gets the job done, but with time the apps might screw everything up (even brand new batteries or the GPS function). Don’t install many games or useless apps! Plus you don’t have access to better apps and facilities because of the old Android version.

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If I don’t come back with a Later Edit on this post, then it means that everything works great. Good luck!

p.s. In my town (Constanta, Romania), an IT firm would’ve charged me about 9 Euros for this update. I have a bit of technology knowledge but if you don’t have that, you can easily pay a small fee for these kind of services at an IT service firm (Mall based, stand-alone firm, wherever).

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