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First of all, I don’t even know what “the land of choice” is really supposed to mean. Second of all, we, Romanians, shouldn’t be trying to make Romania’s image an attractive one because we’re doing it wrong.

Technically a country should do just that for the economical purpose, but a country that is rotten from the inside shouldn’t do such a thing. The reason is obvious: it’s a fake foundation. Sure, we have mountains, we have trees, but who doesn’t? Someone interested in Romania would be interested in something much more. This country has it, but it’s buried under a pile of garbage.

You probably don’t care, you probably thing all 3rd countries are alike, and poor and unimportant, but that would make you a shallow individual and is better for you to keep quiet than to give opinions like this. Why? Because a country is not just an image, a country has millions of images, millions of people, individuals that think alike or different. The same individuals as everywhere. A country is not it’s government, a country is nothing. The important part of it is the people that live in that country. And although you see sad images like this, think that there are a lot of people that don’t agree with this and that are strugeling to live a better life. Most of the time they don’t live that life, and they suffer. If you don’t care, just shut up, but if you do, try to think differently and try to see all of the details that make a society.

The lesson for our own authorities is that they should stop advertising the image of an inexistent way of life and they should stop advertising a country that has not yet fixed itself. We should all stop trying to believe this to make the change happen.

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  • Anonymous

    gresit. total gresit.

    Tu surprinzi doar o mica parte din Romania , si restul tarilor Vestice – dezvoltate superior noua, au punctele lor slabe , mahalalele lor , ghetourile lor , si in acelasi timp , si peisaje superbe , oameni civilizati.

    E vina noastra , nu a statului roman. Noi trebuie sa ne civilizam , sa nu mai aruncam gunoaie etc., sa ne ajutam intre noi , nu sa facem averi ….

    Cat despre concertul Madonnei in Bucuresti , nu ne-ai spus de paharul de apa de la robinet de 200 ml cumparat cu 5 lei noi ….
    Despre locurile care nu au fost asigurate cum trebuia , si multe si multe alte lacune privind organizarea unui concert.

    La Michael nu a huiduit nimeni , la The Scorpions nu a huiduit nimeni , nici la Tiesto sau altii …

    THINK !

  • joe

    Surprind o parte si generalizez cat se poate, chiar nu trebuie eu sa-i conving pe romani ca o duc rau, ei stiu asta, dar fiind bolnavi mintal, neaga.

    Sunt oameni si oameni, majoritatea sunt rai.

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