Pssst! is a scam website!

I recently started to invest in some cryptocurrencies. I usually investigate a website before I make an account on it but in this case I just went with the flow. Bad idea!

I’m not new to the Internet and I’m not even new to Bitcoin and digital currencies. I actually got involved in mining with Bitcoin way back in 2013 but I gave up at the time. This time around, in December 2017, I decided to buy some Litecoin for about 11 $. It rapidly grew to 15-16$. The problem is that I searched for a fast way to make a Litecoin wallet. Google Search suggested as a top result so I went with it.

After about two days on it, I decided to move my Litecoin to another wallet. Nothing happened. I opened a ticket on this website and I got no response for about 3 days now. I finally made a Whois search and found out that this website is born in November 2017.

It seems that I’m not the only one that got scammed by this website, various users are reporting that their transactions didn’t get through. Anyway. Don’t trust this website! Get yourself some other Litecoin wallet from a trusted source. I’m now working with a Desktop Wallet from Exodus and it seems to be a better fit.

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