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Long time no…spoke English. Mk, so maybe there are some foreign visitors on this blog. I would really like to know that but until then, let’s talk a little bit about paths and statistics.

Many say that life has a lot of paths, but that’s not actually true, the one with the paths is the human, he has the power to create his own destiny. This far, everything sounds reasonable, right? Well, the practice of things shows us that we don’t always have that big of a choice or maybe we have it but the change of things takes too damn long, especially if the environment doesn’t help you or worse. In one of my latest blog entries I talked about how there are so many prodigies waiting to happen, yet they can’t because of the financial situation and because of the environment. You don’t have to talk about Irak to make a reference to the lack of choice but you probably have to talk about 3rd world countries, seeing how I live in one and know how things happen here. I really can’t imagine how life would be in a better environment, but I know for sure for the first days or months I would be very suspicious about anything, especially the kindness. A part of my people, the romanian people, are kind also, but the problem is that it’s just a part in every town for example. They are a few and scattered all around, thus the closeness of people with the same view is practically impossible. I don’t know about other places, how life works there, but I heard some pretty amazing things, amazing things like normality, and it’s sad that I consider normality and real civilised behavior as amazing. But like I said, I don’t know about these other places, that’s why I’m sceptical when I hear about the people that saw it all and went to see every corner of Earth. Are you kidding? You must be. Nobody and probably no soul has ever seen every corner of this world. Thus we have the next issue: statistics.

Most statistics are usually wrong. For example, they say that the world population is about 6.80 billion people. Is it? How did you came out with that number? Did you went to every household and asked how many people are living there? Yes, you did. Good for you. But what about the people that doesn’t own a household, what about gypsyes or tribes that live in different jungles of different parts of the world? What about millions and millions of people living in countries that doesn’t have a well functioning National Institute of Statistics? I think we’re well over 10 billion. So if the big thing is wrong, what does that say about the smaller statistics? Important statistics that talk about key issues like health and education. Very small statistics are probably right of course, it depends, but we shouldn’t trust statistics and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to some neighbor that doesn’t quite have the same life style as us. We should individually run a practical and logical system that better suits each individual in a country. So, I guess what I’m saying is that we should sometimes think small to achieve that big thing we’re feeling. I say feeling because that’s the matter, it’s not the looking, it’s the feeling, and if we had a better environment we could find out for ourselves what god we want to believe in if any and what life style we enjoy. It’s hard when you don’t really have a choice and it’s not really about the choice is about the space you’re living in that could allow you to be what you were already feeling. It’s maybe too hard for many to overcome they’re environment and become what they want but I hope I can resist and someday be something that will please me and give a true meaning to my existence.

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