Our short „love at first sight” moments…

It can happen anywhere. It mostly happens on the street, in the bus or in a supermarket. There are those moments when we take a glance at someone and we just…fall in love!
Well, it’s not falling in love in most cases but it is something like „Boy, I would really love to know you!”. I think love at first sight is underrated. Humans don’t get attach that much to looks but to personality traits as well! How can you figure out someone’s personality by just looking at them for two seconds? you would ask yourself. Well, you can! Remember that guy that you didn’t know but someone introduced him to you? Your human reactions, based on a long history of learning about parents, relatives and friends, interprets in a very quick way what this person is about! That’s why we say „he’s pretty cool” in just a few minutes of being around someone, because that’s the feeling he is giving us, by acting in a way that seems to be OK for us. It’s just a feeling but it is important. It could turn out that person is crazy or too needy or something like that but in general it gives you a balance.

So when you briefly „meet” a person in a bus or on the street, your brain interprets various signs. The people you see might be attractive or they might be attractive to you! They’re eyes might be not just beautiful but deep. You might not know that in a conscious way but in an unconscious way you brain already zoomed in, analyzed and gave a result! That’s how our brain works and that’s how our body works. Love at first sight or a simple attraction via a simple glance can give you a lot of information about someone. I just went to a local supermarket and saw a pretty girl. She was dressed in a way that I appreciated. I looked at her for a short while and she looked at me. She had blue eyes, matching her blue coat. Usually you look away in the first second because you’re uninterested or shy but even with shyness I insisted and she did as well. There’s a link that’s created and it fades away quickly but the echo remains. It’s one of those „Dear Diary, I saw a beautiful person today…I wish I could say something to a person like that in a moment like this but…I can’t”. You move on but the echo of the thought remains because…maybe that random person in a crowd, maybe that exact one…was the one for you! One of those perfect matches for you!

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