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I think that most immigrants in Constanța are actually students but a lot of them are workers as well. An event will be held tomorrow for the immigrant worker. It’s called “Migrant in the Intercultural Romania” and it’s a third edition  held this time by the Intercultural Institute of Timișoara in partnership with the Civic Resources Center of Constanța and also the League for Human Rights Defense – Cluj branch and ADIS Bucharest.

The theme of this seminar is the talk on the problems faced by immigrants in Constanța city and in the region, problems like finding a job, finding a place to live or fighting the expensive way of life of a modern city. This is a step in listening and trying to change the harsh conditions that a foreign individual can usually come across in his journey to a better way of life abroad.

This seminar will host members of different cultures from abroad of Non-UE member states, members of the General Imigration Office, members of different non-guvermental organisations, members of the Local Administration Office and several members of other Public Institutions.

Like I said, the meeting will take place tomorrow, May 22nd 2013. The location of the event is Byblos Restaurant in Constanța (on the opposite side of the local City Hall), during 14:30pm and 16:30 pm.

byblos restaurant location constanta

Official event website: migrant.ro

I hope they talk about some other themes like: free language courses or cultural exchange. I know The Art Museum of Constanța would be very glad to host some events of this sort. By the way, are there any foreigners living in Constanța that are reading this blog? Hope to hear from you!

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