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I found a clip on feeder about a strange interview, on Letterman’s show, with an actor called Joachim Phoenix, that plays the role of an artist in the 2008 movie Two Lovers. Seeing how the title of the post was „wtf”, I will try to give an explanation to the clip that you’re about to see.

Joachim Phoenix’s Agent: Listen Jo, you’re a talented kid, but people don’t really know you.

JP: Ok, ok…what are you suggesting?

JPA: Go crazy! Grow a beard and a mustache, dress in black, fuck it, put some dark sun glasses while you’re at it. Follow me? I want you to be weird.

JP: How weird?

JPA: Like…you know Edward Scissorhands, right? Like that, but with a black suit, a lot of facial hair and dark glasses.

JP: Mk, I think I can do that.

JPA: Great, in two weeks we have the opening of Two Lovers. Let’s see you in action!

JPA: Fucking great, you were the man. That’s what I’m talking about. Weird-o-rama.

JP: Thanks.

JPA: That went well, but listen, we have a David Letterman interview so get your act together.

JP: Ok.

JPA: He’ll try to break balls, but you have to stay strong! Don’t give in! You can’t smile! but if you do, make sure that you do that for just about 2 or 3 times.

JP: Ok.

JPA: Ok, you have your beard, you have your glasses, go…go:

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