Has Leo won an Oscar yet?

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But wait! The 2016 Oscars edition hasn’t started yet. We’re almost there though. The 88th Academy Awards will honor the best films of 2015 on the 28th of February 2016 at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles. Famous actor and stand-up comic Chris Rock will be the host for this year.

So…what do we know so far? Well, we know Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated this year for Best actor in a leading role in the movie The Revenant. Everybody has their eyes on him. I mean, it’s been going on for so long now. Even 9gag is running out of memes for this guy. Well, not really but still. There’s an army of fans out there who just want Leo to get that damn Oscar for his hard work during a fantastic career. Some other army wants the same thing, just so the other side will shut up about it once and for all. It’s a funny thing this topic on the Internet, but there’s nothing funny for Leonardo DiCaprio. This movement is putting pressure on him I bet and if this isn’t the year he wins this damn statue I’m pretty sure he’ll snap in public. Revenant-style fury!

I’m also pretty sure that this year the 88th Academy Awards will have a record view count and a powerful review rate. All because of this viral meme-based story of Leonardo DiCaprio. Even his family name sounds a bit sad. Did you know that the Italian „capro” means „scapegoat”? Well now you know! It kind of makes sense. I mean…Johnny Depp hasn’t won an Oscar yet. Tom Cruise’s „Oscar shelf” is empty. Edward Norton zero. John Travolta zip. Gary Oldman zilch. Robert Downey Jr. nada. But everyone is looking somehow at the scapegoat Leo. So much pressure!

Anyway, I’ll update this post after the 2016 Oscars by responding to the question bellow:

Q: Has Leo won an Oscar yet?

[Later Edit]

A: Yes (His first one. Source)

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