From Russia with love | The triple sunrise phenomenon moves to Romania

photo via ConstantaCityWalkingGuide

The people of Constanța town in South-East of Romania woke up today to a rare occurrence in the sky. A rainbow with a strange shape and a triple sunrise!

It is indeed an amazing view, one that I tried to capture with a mobile phone. It was a low quality photo I admit but some of my Facebook friends immediately liked it. One friend in particular, a local photographer and much more – the owner of the local Tourism platform and the local Guide platform (or Constanța Old Town for you English understanding nice folks) – didn’t missed the chance to capture such a great view! Well, his photos are quite viral on Facebook and he’s really quick to be there at the right time when something amazing happens so there’s no surprise there. Here’s an exclusive view of his photos:

This phenomenon also occurred about two months ago in the Far East of Russia. In late of November of the year 2016 people in certain parts of the country immortalized the same exact view. BBC, Business Insider, Daily Mail and basically everyone else reported this news. So…what is it?

Scientists explain this phenomenon as a „halo” effect or an illusion created by some tiny ice crystals in the low atmosphere that refract the sunlight. Basically the sky is frozen! This happens in below zero temperatures and Constanța has recently seen a winter like never before seen in the last 9 years! This heavy winter is present all around Europe including Spain – usually the sunniest country in Europe.

This view could be better seen in the early hours of morning. Walking down the street I actually saw those tiny ice crystals falling from the sky. It was like a mild snow fall but with colored icy bits. It was a fantasy world-like view! Weather forecast for Constanța town shows that at those early hours we experienced about -7 or -8 degrees (Celsius).

Absolutely not a bad day to wake up in the early hours of the morning! Check out some other photos of this friend of mine by visiting his Facebook page.

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