Fixed. Windows was unable to connect to this network

So I had a bit of a problem with this error on an Acer Aspire laptop. I formatted it and all went well until the Wireless connection. I installed the LAN Driver and also the Wireless LAN Broadcom driver in this case and although the wireless icon appeared, the connection wasn’t made. Instead the „Windows was unable to connect to this network” error appeared. The orange light of the wireless button blinked on and off. It needs to always be on.

I tried various things like uninstalling the Ethernet driver from Device Manager and manually setting the DNS into the IP4 thingy. Nothing!

The solution in this case was very simple. In Windows 7, you go to Control Panel – Network and Internet – Manage Wireless Network.

There, you click on Add to manually Add the desired available network (Manually create a network profile). You add your network name, security type is WPA2-Personal, Encryption type is AES and the network password. And you’re done!

For Windows 10, check this out, but instead of Forget, you manually Add. Hope it helps!

p.s. It helps to know the exact type of your wireless card. I knew it was Broadcom because I actually opened up my laptop and typed the product number on Google. You can find your wireless card very easy. It’s here:


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