.:: falling in love

When we talk about love, we usually talk about falling in love. That’s cute, the love part, but what about the falling part?

We’re falling in love and it sounds great but we are still falling. Falling hurts. You could really break a leg or something by falling. Is there a secret behind this expression? Is love conditioned by pain? In my experience yes. Is „falling in love” the sum of most people’s experience of love? Could be.

We should be more careful with love, seeing how we’re humans and we always have a package of mistakes in our background. Of course, mistakes are accidental but the ones from this package are done in a persistent mode. We just don’t learn. Some say that this is love, a big headache that eventually could go right if we insist. But isn’t that just an excuse for people that are just to lazy, to afraid or to chaotic to change their way of life? It could again be just this.

So maybe falling in love is a statement of joy but attached we find a warning: „love is great but be careful not to fall into it”.

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