.:: duality of life

Once again it’s that time of the year when we eat little chocolate bunnies and lambs…real ones. I was thinking about this Jesus thing, why is he so praised? I mean, if you think about it, he or God isn’t that great or good. Why wasn’t Jesus a vegetarian? And so on…

Like I said, God and Jesus…not that good. First of all, they probably never existed, second of all, they were always the cause of wars, tortures and natural calamities. We could say it’s just human nature. Well, let’s say that and forget about divinities, I mean God made man in his own image, so human nature would be God nature. We should feel free to pick one. “In God We Trust” is a slogan that doesn’t do good to any of the parts involved. I mean, if bad things are part of human nature, God would be ashamed and viceversa. But like I said, God is Man…and Woman. Awkward.

Why should we be keen on religion? It’s not only that religion is pointless and really stupid, but it creates pointless and stupid policies. So…religion – bad. Life – unknown. I don’t really care if I sound pessimistic, because “pessimistic” is just a word, not the meaning of my life, but I say that life has an unknown status because many don’t really get life or they don’t like it. We could say life is great but we could also say that it’s not. Some think like this: “You know what? This life may suck but it has it’s moments”. Well…yeah, but it still sucks.

The truth? Life does suck indeed, but it does rock also. It all depends on where you’re born and how’s your quality of life. I’m not only talking about material riches but riches found in family and friends. BUT, even though you know about the duality of life, you can’t feel that great in a miserable existence or you can’t feel that miserable in a great existence.

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