I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust the Neversea Festival in Romania

Constanța town is a place in the South-East of Romania. It has some history to it, some sort of charm and it also has a resort called Mamaia. We see here some tourists in the Summer time, mostly Romanian tourists. In matters of foreign tourist, we’re not really in the Top 3 or the Top 5 in the country, according to some statistics. Myself – as a native citizen of Constanța town – I can agree to that.

This town is usually acknowledged during the Summer time, because of our beaches (mostly Mamaia beach). Mamaia is kind of another place, another town or maybe a district. It’s mostly a kitsch place. Mamaia in 2017 is more of a Residential Area than a Resort. That’s because people are greedy and are buying every piece of available land there and also because our City Hall is Corrupt as Hell.

Thus, what happens when the City Hall (through it’s shallow mayor Decebal Făgădău) teams up with someone for a never before seen Music Festival in Constanța? I guess we’ll see, but it’s my humble opinion that it will be a rip-off. Let’s see why!

You see that picture up there? That’s the official website of the event. No freakin’ Line-Up, no useful details about the Why and the How, no details about the Location, Accommodations… Just a “Hey! We’re making this HUUUGE and…buy tickets now!”. Their Facebook page is a dumb thing as well with no real information.

What? Is Missy Elliott showing up to this event? You think it’s cute to just share something like that? You’re somebody who wants to invite about 150.000 people to a Music Festival… How about you act like it! Also, why are people already rating this event? Wasn’t that like a frowned-upon thing on Facebook?

Back to the “website” for a bit… You see that video over there? Basically one of the two official promos for the event. With the people and the dancing and the sea and everything? Well…it’s a rip-off. The style and actual video frames are copied from the Mamaia Style 2017 video, a project started about two years ago, endorsed by Corina Martin, the former wife of Dumitru Martin, which was arrested by the FBI… She’s a local shady Tourism-based entity. Why would a brand new event – a never before seen event, work with materials from some other entity? A material that some say is also a rip-off of some beautiful Turkish promo from way back in 2014. This is where the “3rd country” tag gets the best of our PR skills.

Back to the event. The Press is the one that gave us some details. They say that the Mayor of Constanța signed a deal with the Organizers for support for the event. It’s a 5 million Euro investment but they say that the City Hall won’t pay anything, that it will just offer some technical support. Hard to believe that from a corrupt entity. Nobody does something in this town without “contributing to the local budget” in some form or another. The Organizer is the one that created the Untold Festival, an appreciated event held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. That’s about the extend of the trust for this event. I now have second thoughts about this Untold hype. Ticket sales for the Neversea Festival started about three days ago for the price of 200 lei, 420 lei or 600 lei (VIP) which means about 44 Euros, 93 Euros or 133 Euros per ticket. For a zero Line-up! They promise over 100 international artists. Like…who? DJ Mike? MC Smith? We don’t know yet some people are already buying tickets! Come on, people! Haven’t you learned this from video games? You never pre-order! At least not in a shady situation…

The Location is somewhere in the North of Constanța city. A first for this town. We housed events featuring Fatboy Slim or Armin van Buuren or Tiesto, but that was happening in the resort not in the city. This place is a recently widened surface of sand, near apartment buildings and houses along the beach. I don’t really see how you can make such a huge Festival here. The biggest issues will be with the logistics of the place, and the access to it. It’s really a rushed event with no real technical backbone to it.

Also, talking about local corruptness, the beach portion is called Reyna Beach, as in the Reyna business name owned by Murat Kanmaz, a friend of the former corrupt mayor of Constanța  – Radu Mazăre. This Mazăre character was mayor for a long time. Decebal Făgădău – the current mayor (same political party) – was Deputy mayor all these years. He picked up a thing or two. Thus, being his beach to take care of, I’m sure that Murat will profit from this.

We almost had a big Festival in this city in 2016 (Spellground Festival). It was cancelled because of some national mourning for some so-called queen of Romania that had passed away. I’m not joking! The President of Romania issued a mourning period that coincided with the event in Constanța and that event – being held on the grounds of a public institution, was canceled. Weird stuff. Neversea promised that this won’t be the case for their event.

There is a chance for this event. Everything is possible. People are trying to have fun and enjoy anything. They could look past a lot of problems but I can’t find a shimmer of hope for something so poorly planed. At least this will be more obvious after the event takes place. I would hate to be the PR person that has to face that level of dissatisfaction.

I don’t want to be a Grinch about this and I would gladly recommend a future event that has a solid plan behind it but this doesn’t appear to be the case! I would love to see this happen in my city but done in the right manner. For now I can’t trust anything about this upcoming event. Neither should you. Trust me… Or not and just buy tickets for this shady event…! Your choice!

p.s. I hate to say I told you so but… There’s this news article coming from one of our most veteran newspaper entity in Constanta which basically says that the organizers for the Neversea festival didn’t received an authorization for the specific place of the festival. Thus…everything is slowly decaying. Over 20.000 people bought tickets for this festival. Again… I hate to say I told you so…but I did tell you so, right?

p.p.s. To be fair, the organizers argued against this information and said that the event will take place in the same location (Romanian article here). They said that some local Institution just needs some papers and that they will take care of them no problem. This is very tricky… I’ll keep you posted! It doesn’t look like the festival will take place in the first announced area.

[LE] 16.06.2017

Yet another big news website is talking more firmly about the issues of hosting such an event here. The issues consist of various logistical and legal aspects. For started, that beach was recently created from scratch with funds from the European Union. People say that this forbids us to host commercial activities in that place for 5 years. I also heard that the mayor already knows that he can’t do anything about this. They have to change the location… But where? And when? The local police are already anxious, because they need a location to come up with a security plan. In other words, they promised but they don’t really know how to deliver. Again, I’ll keep you posted with an official point of view on this!

[LE] 23.06.2017

The organizers announced a new location for the event. They are talking about a portion of a beach further South from the initial location, the 3 Papuci and Modern beach area. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some issues with this as well, because both of these beaches were extended with European Funds. So it’s basically the same issue like before. We shall see…

[LE] 04.07.2017

The main entrance will be via Tomis Harbor. See if you can translate this. You can enter the zone only if you have a valid personal ID and also you will not be allowed with a…backpack! Yeah. It’s that bad.

[LE] To be fair, the festival got a green light and it moved forward. There are still legal aspects that some authorities are fighting to correct with this event but everything is possible here so it looks like legal aspects don’t matter that much. We’ll see what happens with Neversea 2 on 5th – 8th of July 2018!

2 thoughts on “I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust the Neversea Festival in Romania

  1. George

    Got it! The first day this “news” appeared in media, I commented regarding the chosen location. The worst possible choice! In the neighborhood of civil houses, on a newly extended beach that never looked like this before. Imagine, if there will really be 150000 people, for three days, how will look the beach after the show. And during the show. For three days the citizens of Constanta will be stripped by their own beach! Why? Will be interesting how many public toilets will be located? For sure, I don’t want to see our sea full of floating shit! But who cares? Noticed that in such cases, always the citizens are not consulted? I would like all that claims to reach the mayor and get back the answer, but as we know, nobody ask and consequently nobody answer.


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