By the way. How is the Covid situation in Romania?

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Hi! I’m Joe and welcome to Jackass! Oh wait, wrong intro. Or is it? Welcome to Romania! Let’s find out what the hell is going on around here during these trying times!

I’ve been a blogger for about 12-13 years or so. I have this nasty fetish where I need to read the News in a daily manner so yeah you could say I’m somewhat informed. I always think about everyone and I’m always wondering about how life is going in various places, knowing that if people actually knew more about other people, we would be more connected somehow and more wise. Yes I am an anxious individual.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Covid situation in Romania. Romania is a fairly rich country in the Eastern Europe zone, but with a poor attitude towards it’s citizens because of corruption. We are a semi-presidential democratic republic meaning that the President doesn’t really matter here. The Parliament does. This Parliament has been controlled by the Democrats, the PSD as they are known here. Their „enemies” are the PNL but they’re actually good friends and people kinda know this but still vote one or another. Stupid. Yes.

This time, the PNL had the say in the Pandemic issue and they kinda helped in March 2020 when the Pandemic hit us. We were ordered into a Lockdown and most people actually agreed that this is the best course of action. Most Romanians were scared by this virus because of the situation in Italy, our close neighbors (where lots of romanians live). By the half of the year, everything was f***ed. Business were closing, the promised economical help didn’t arrive and people were pissed. Some flourished in these times, as you do if you have some resources and keep going strong! Good for them!

These days, the situation looks like this in many places around the world including Romania:

God bless you Jim! You do know how do sum things up.

Oh, by the way. God is the November-issue here in Romania. We – like Russians – are controlled by the Church. Well, the Church is kinda losing power here and they don’t like it. We have this „dude” called „Mache” or that’s his „spy” name anyway. He is called Teodosie Petrescu and he’s a high priest. He kind of dictates everything here about Religious matters and he goes ahead and does things contrary to the Pandemic rules like he doesn’t care. He was a Security informant (like a KGB informant back in the day) and his code name was „Mache”. He’s so powerful here that nobody dares to actually put him in his place, but a few are trying. It’s hard to fight against Religion in some places. Here too. And yes, Romanians are absolutely indoctrinated by Religion. Some young people too. Most Romanians though act like they are religious but they don’t really care. As long as their next door neigbour considers them a „good christian”, they’re ok with it. Balkan issues…

Back to the Pandemic. We had like 100 cases per day in the early days of the virus and we are now at about 10.000 cases per day. People still don’t believe that this virus is a real thing. See Jim’s graph. It’s a common phenomenon in a State that is constantly lying to their people. Maybe in other types of states too as it goes to show. This is putting a toll on Hospitals and Hospital Workers. Hospitals that in Romania are not actually Hospitals but s#it holes. And I say this, again, as an informed individual with actual proof. SHIT HOLES. These stupid mofos – as Samuel L. Jackson would say – don’t realize that by going out on the streets doing their day to day things, they keep the Hospitals busy and terminal-ill pacients or critically-ill pacients don’t stand a chance. No sick person has a real chance really. That’s what happens! It’s NORMAL to fight Covid first and then the Cancer or Aids or pregnancies or stomach aches or tooth aches or anything! Because it’s a new virus! An easy-to-spread virus! It could kill people faster than any other known-complications. So…yeah. People still don’t understand this and they never will. I saw news reports with covid patients in hospitals that were suffering and reporters were asking them if they now believe in the virus. You know what they said? These sons of bitc***. They said „Well. I dunno… Maybe it’s just a bad cold”. Well hell.

The President is looking worriedly at this. That’s he’s thing. He is always looking worriedly at situations. If he were to be a Mortal Kombat character he would finish you off with his close-to-perfect diction and his long talks about how things are. He’s a good guy, but he doesn’t really have that much power. As a President of an Eastern European country, Klaus Iohannis is doing quite a good job I think. The acting powers don’t know ANYTHING about an imminent danger to the economical area and the health area and we, the people, are just left by ourselves to figure things out.

It’s not that bad here in Romania. I mean people are protesting everywhere but not here. We’re quite calm for now, some are actually doing pretty good. Most people are scared though. I don’t really know how many people are out of a job right now but there are problems in this sector. Hotels owners and Restaurants owners are pissed off. Health workers are sick and tired and are quitting their job, but most are not, like they have something to gain. Police officers are tired but they still eat up whatever the Parliament is telling them to eat up. The prices are going up and nobody really says anything about it. We’re kind of a paralyzed society. Or more like a zombie society. I mean we’re still working, we’re still going out and buying things and doing stuff but there’s a storm coming and people actually act like they don’t care. And I believe they don’t!

Some reporter asked a lady on the street if she is scared of this virus. She said „I’m not and if I die…well I die”. A lot of Romanians had this exact answer. That says a lot about a society. So how is Romania doing in this trying times? We kinda don’t care as it turns out. That’s society for ya!

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