Best way to learn a new language

I’m guessing a title like this gets more eye-rolls than a dice on a Casino floor, but it’s a fact that „the best way to” everything is constantly changing and is getting better year after year. One thing is not changing though: the work you have to put in to learn something new.

I’m writting this because of an article written by a Katie Holmes on what is the best way to learn a foreign language. She asked me if I could update a link on one of my previous articles on this topic. An article written in Romanian a few years ago. It got me curious about her article and…here we are! She said she recently made a project where she compiled submissions from different language learners on what worked best for them in terms of learning a new language. It’s a very interesting read so go check it out!

One person that submitted a review is called Vlad Turchyn. Something clicked for me when I reviewed his opinion on what a good way to learn a new language is.

It’s absolutely divine! We all have different traits. He talks about this in a manner that I would talk about this and he sees these kind of things like I would see them. In a technical manner I mean. It’s like playing a game like Mass Effect Andromeda and the Game asks you if all your in-game replies are going to be in a serious manner or in a casual manner or…in a somewhat kinda other way manner. For all players (or people), learning a new (language/skill/thing) is something a bit different. But it has something in common: some work done.

SO. Larning a new language means some work done. There’s no easy way to do it.  Someone who’s passionate about this will work on this but will also fail if he or she won’t do it right. So… I would recommend taking a paid class. Having a teacher near you is solid work.

Second of all: Don’t be jealous! Some people have the natural act for it! Don’t try to be like them. If you fail, do it better next time! People will apreciate you anyway… For more advices…read the article and also leave some of your reviews on this! Good luck and congrats on your passion!

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