::: Assholes in Left 4 Dead

Hey, did you know that there is a character called „Asshole” in the Left 4 Dead pc game? Yeah. The Asshole is the one that votes to kick you out of the game when you just don’t throw that many punches with the Tank, or when you throw a molotov the wrong way, situations like this. That’s when the Asshole appears and starts a vote against you. Some other Assholes will actually vote „Yes” not knowing exactly what for.

A piece of advice: stop kicking people just because you, GOD, think they’re not that good at this game.

p.s. And about the talking on the mic think…if you don’t really speak english that well or if you’re not sure that I can hear you well, don’t funkin’ waste your breath, or don’t get mad at me for not knowing what the hell it is that you want from me.

Oh, and when you’re kicking somebody, don’t be a useless cunt by saying things like „please vote Yes”. kthks

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  • Raisa

    Acuma ma pun si iti las comentarii la fiecare postare despre Left 4 Dead. Am patit si eu sa fiu data afara din joc fara nici un motiv,sau nici unul plauzibil. De obicei sunt data afara din jocurile versus (la care stau cel mai prost cu orientarea) si majoritatea uita sau nu vor sa isi aminteasca cum erau ei la inceput. Jocurile versus sunt pline de „assholes” . Si cu regret tin sa anunt ca majoritatea erau romani.

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