Acting Mayor of one of the biggest cities in Romania is crazy!

what In Constanța, Romania, we had a problem with our former Mayor – Radu Mazăre – meaning that he was mostly interested in his own illegal affairs and the well being of himself and of his close friends. He used to appear in public wearing weird clothes and costumes (including a Nazi costume at a fashion show). At some events he would always bring with him a group of models to better show his idea of a „fun tourism”. He went to jail for his actions. It took a while for this to happen. He’s out for now but still in various legal issues and trials. He was also recently bound to pay a local man about 2500$ for calling him „a beggar” at a public event, where the man asked him to try and do more for poor families that need a cheap housing plan.

The acting Mayor of Constanta is Decebal Făgădău, a person that has a lot of cleaning up to do in this city. Literally. He just had a „brilliant” idea. He launched a campaign called „Curățăm Constanța Noastră” which roughly means „Cleaning-up our Constanța”. Through this campaign he wants all people of this city to actively take part in cleaning up their surrounding areas, graffiti from walls, painting the sidewalks and so on. It sounds interesting at the first glance but as you read more about what this implies you find out that this is mandatory and if you’ll not participate you’ll be fined by the Police.

Constanța is a very messy place – probably the reason why the new SF movie „What happened to Monday?” recently brought here famous actors like Willem Dafoe and Noomi Rapace – and that is mostly the fault of the lack of policemen on the streets and the lack of the City Hall’s strong actions against public littering. People of Constanța pay a tax for this littering and all garbage pick-up actions called „Taxa de Habitat” or „Habitat tax”. This seems to not be enough for this acting Mayor. Instead of handling this problem by targeting the core issues of this, he wants to use it’s citizens for free work. A lot of these people already cleaned the streets and parks and the beaches through volunteer work (without any help from any Mayor) but they are discouraged when they see more garbage „pop-up” in the same place they had a cleaning activity a week ago. This again happens because of the lack of interest that the Police has in a place like this. They should be paid more and there should be more of them employed in such a big city (a resort town even). This isn’t happening. But thank God for Făgădău and his genius ideas…

People are already outraged by this and this wannabe Mayor seems to be on the same slippery slope as the former crazy guy that „ran this place”. Anyway, although Constanța has a lot of history and beautiful places to visit, this kind of people will always leave a bad mark on such a place and it’s people. What a shame.

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