According to AVG Antivirus, Steam is hacking us!

steam virus

A few years ago I bought Left 4 Dead 2 from Steam (a reliable online game software). A few more years ago I’ve been using the Free AVG Antivirus (a reliable antivirus software).

A Steam update from a few days ago made AVG show me the warning message attached. This IDP.Generic.Whitelisted thing seems to be something serious. See the details here:

IDP Generic Whitelisted

Thus, a reliable antivirus system is saying that a reliable online game platform is hacking me! Who to trust, who to trust… Steam users are saying that AVG is „crap” but my experience with this software says that this is not the case. AVG has a weird Contact system and when I tried to tell them this issue, I was „put on hold”.

So…what’s the story here? Is AVG telling me that some software updates from Steam are actually trying to gain illegal access to my passwords and data? This sure seems to be the case. I’m still awaiting an official point of view from AVG. This is not the first time that AVG gave this warning to a Steam user. Thus I’m left wondering. After some years from the first encounter, why is AVG seeing Steam as a threat still? I get the whole „false-positive” case, but this has been going on for a while now.

p.s. If you clicked „Protect Me” to repair the issue just go to AVG settings – Virus Vault – Restore.

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  • Yeah, an antivirus that sells your data is totally trustworthy.

    • Joie Negru

      Everybody is selling data. It’s a reliable software. No antivirus on it’s own is perfect.

  • Why don’t you Bitdefender for a while? :P

    • Joie Negru

      Because AVG works fine. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out if AVG is wrong in this case. This needs a public apology from their part. Imagine if Bitdefender was giving warnings and blocking Chrome Browser. It would be the same scandal.

      • They all work fine until they don’t :P Even Bitdefender. But from my 3 year experience with BD, I can asure you they actually care and help their clients. Even those with free licences.

      • Joie Negru

        Tried BD as well. I think it’s the same. Kaspersky was the best, but that was years ago.

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